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If you came here from the forums, please know that I don't go looking at any of your pages looking for something to use in our discussion. And I think you are creepy as fuck for digging around my page looking for ammunition for a debate happening in the forums.

All characters, writing, and artwork here, unless otherwise noted, belongs to me. You may also draw these characters, or color any of the pictures here, and display them in your gallery, but you may not profit off them. I mean, hell, I'm not, why should you? Also, a link back here would be nice.

I used to look at the galleries and try to provide some comment for anyone who collected one of my pictures to their favorites. However, I don't really have much time to do that anymore. I would be delighted to look at your gallery and provide any tips that I can, just leave a comment or send a note. I draw as a HOBBY. I am not a professional. The tips I give you will be little things that other people told me. You would serve yourself better checking out some other tutorials, but if you just have a simple question or want a bit of advice, I can actually give that without being a total bitch, contrary to popular belief.

About Critiques. I grade all critique categories 5/5. All of them. Because I don't care about star-ratings. There's actually a decent reason for this. I feel like the critiques are supposed to be thoughtful written responses that go in-depth. By adding in an arbitrary grading system, I feel like that detracts from the strength of the critique, and artists may get hung up on the fact that they only got three stars in 'vision'. What does that even mean? So all categories get rated 5/5, and then I will (no foolin'!) write out a real critique for you. I will tell you what I think works in the picture and tell you what I think you should change. I only write critiques for pictures that I actually enjoy, so if I wrote one for you, I obviously like your picture, even if I'm telling you to change something in it.

I don't want to date you. Thought I would just mention that. Off-hand. As awkwardly as possible. Moving on...

I don't do commissions, trades, or requests. Unless I feel like it. I probably will not feel like it. Fair warning.

Lastly, I swear I am actually a nice person and genuinely able to take criticism. If you have suggestions or critiques for any of my pieces, please comment and leave them. I will actually pay attention to what you say and strive to improve with it. I generally reply to comments with a "thank you" even if they are super creepy. Ya'll can leave your super creepy comments if you like, but I reserve the right to be privately creeped out by them. Big time. Just because I draw naked girls, that doesn't mean I want to hear you guys talk about that stuff you talk about.

You know what I mean.

Awesome Lovelies Who Have Given Me Gift Art or Colored My Works
This list is crazy old and needs to be updated badly.

:iconjatgproductions: :iconandehpinkard: :iconsketchyone: :iconrgulrich: :iconjadenekokai: :iconkeleja: :icongetyourhardcoreonxx: :iconedjnr: :iconpsychosaiyajin: :icontheskaldofnvrwinter: :iconauroradreamer: :iconloulou13: :iconnoobchan1: :iconzhone14:

Current Residence: Portland, OR
Favourite genre of music: The loud kind. The good kind. The kind that makes me draw.
Favourite style of art: Cartoons and comics.
Favourite cartoon character: Kiki or Mamimi
Personal Quote: If we could murder corpses, every day would be Memorial Day.
So I've had a Bamboo CTH-470 for a minute, a little 6 x 4, and I've really enjoyed using it, but the time had come for it to be replaced. First, it was breaking. The mini-USB connection had gotten all loose and stupid, and had to be propped up with something for it to actually work. Second, I wanted more space to work with. I was ready for an upgrade.

I went with the Bamboo Capture for my first tablet because the price was right, and it was a Wacom. I've always heard such great things about this company's reliability. Refurbished, the CTH-470 cost me about $90USD, and I knew that if I wanted a size bigger, I was going to end up spending more money.

I don't know if you've ever looked at bigger Wacoms, but even used these things cost a pretty penny. When I discovered that the cheapest version I could find of the size I wanted was $500USD, I began looking at alternatives.

And that's how I ended up with a Huion H610PRO, in glorious 10 x 6 size.

I was nervous, worried that I'd taken some risk by buying from some Hong Kong based company instead of Wacom (whose parts are probably made in Hong Kong anyway.) and had constant anxiety-scenarios running through my head where the damn thing was broken, or just wouldn't work for whatever reason. I had taken necessary precautions, including purchasing an extra warranty for my new tablet and carefully reading all the reviews and advice, but, oh boy, I was anxious. 

See, it just didn't seem right to me, because this enormous tablet cost $90USD, just like my first (much smaller!) Wacom. Something about this, I decided, COULDN'T be right.

But the results are speaking for themselves. After a (slightly more complicated than the Wacom's) installation, I've quickly come to love my Huion tablet.


Huion drivers are not for the sheeply. You can't just rip open the box and start shoving USB cords into slots like an impatient maniac. Before your Huion gets plugged in, you must go through and remove your previous tablet drivers, download the newest drivers from Huion's website, and install them. I did it right the first time, but some of the reviews had horror stories of not getting the Huion to work at all after a moment of thoughtless hurry. (A lot of reviews mentioned a language barrier problem, but I have added a bit at the bottom to address that. I think Huion has already addressed these complaints and if you bring your issues to them on platforms like Tumblr or dA rather than calling them, the language barrier ceases entirely to be an issue.) Wacom drivers are hella easy (despite the fact that your Wacom tablet uninstaller doesn't REMOVE them and you must manually hunt them down and remove them yourself) and very forgiving. The Huion is not a bad choice, but, as I said, it requires a slightly more involved installation than the Wacom does.


These things feel different. The Wacom's surface is hard and kind of slick and took some getting used to for me to sketch on. I used to have to put a piece of paper over it so I could have that tooth-feel. By contrast, the Huion surface feels almost soft, with a slight give as though you're sketching on a large pad of paper. I had gotten used to using the Wacom and had to warm up to the Huion.


The Wacom CTH-470 has four buttons, and I only ever used one of them: Whichever one toggled off the 'touch' function. There's a lot more buttons on the Huion, but I confess that I generally only use the zooms and forget about the function ones. It's just not something I've ever been keen on using.


The Wacom's got a wireless stylus that requires no charge. One pen nib lasted me for two years. The Huion has a wireless stylus that plugs in to charge. So far, I've only had to charge it once, and I haven't noticed the nib wearing down especially fast.

Missing Features

So far, the only thing I've noticed the Wacom having that the Huion doesn't is the aforementioned Touch function, where you control the mouse with your finger on the pad as opposed to the stylus. I honestly always hated this feature on the Wacom, since sometimes I would accidentally turn it on and it would make sketching hard, so I don't miss it at all, but if its something you find you really, really need, well, there you go.

In the end, I think this thing was absolutely what I wanted for the price I paid. For under a hundred dollars, I feel like I've gotten a significant upgrade in size and responsiveness.

Staglady by kivabayStaglady Color by kivabayMj by kivabayMJ by kivabay

WHOA Edit to Add:

I love the way this tablet goes to sleep and wakes up. Sometimes I get distracted in the midst of a drawing and start browsing with my mouse, which I think I'm probably going to do forever. (I'm never going to be comfortable browsing websites with a tablet for some reason.) Being able to lay the pen on the tablet is wonderful. Wacoms (once again, fantastic product, just sort of spendy for my thin, thin wallet) stay awake so if you lay the pen on it, then the mouse won't work. It's a tiny thing, but one little tap of the pen wakes up the tablet, and I just absolutely love this feature.

Again, I'm sure some of these features are taken care of in higher-end Wacom tablets, but the Huion is waaaaay more in my price range.

I haven't had a problem yet with my Huion, but a friend of mine did and the response team through huion's dA account was very fast and clear. One of the horror stories I read on Amazon was issues with English-to-Chinese language barriers during support calls, which was why I was careful to buy an extra warranty through Amazon. However, having now been exposed to their presence and public customer support on dA and Tumblr, I gotta say that the problem sounds Amazon-specific, and I must state that I believe that in the right platforms, Huion provides more personal and attentive customer support than Wacom. That's a big deal, and while I still recommend getting an extra warranty, it seems like some of the horror stories I read in the Amazon reviews about poor customer service response have already been addressed by the Huion team.

Also, they'll like the shit out of your drawings on Tumblr. I'm always like "whoa, I got a retweet- oh, it's Huion. Man. They are on it. They looked at all my posts from that day, and they liked them all, but picked the favorite to repost." It's stupid, but it's a personal touch. Their social media presence is friendly without being oppressive. They genuinely give the impression of being a smaller and more personal company despite language barriers. 

Lastly, I straight up am saying to you that the Huion has better pressure sensitivity controls than the Wacom Bamboo, and I can feel the difference. It costs the same amount as this device. I think if you have to make a hard money choice about your purchase, go ahead and go with the Huion over the Bamboo, because you'll get a bigger size and better pressure sensitivity for the same cost, and the company is responsive and actively deals with customer support issues. I mean, if you're on a budget then it's simply the better choice. More bang for your buck.

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Loved your disclaimer. I sometimes pop into a person's gallery to see what kind of person they are off-forums (ie, art) and if I can relate with them further with similar hobbies. Don't worry, I won't send you creepy Notes asking for a date.^^
kivabay Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014  Hobbyist
Haha, no worries. I like to have that disclaimer up because I draw beautiful women and I understand boundary issues. It helps others if I'm just upfront. =)
Ebonsong Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014
Gotcha. I used to get that a lot too, thankfully I've split my art accounts elsewhere online. So boundary issues aren't such a problem anymore. Besides, nobody wants to flirt with a chicken farmer. ;)
kivabay Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Hobbyist
I always tell myself "nobody wants to flirt with Kiva, calm down," and then I'll end up with a stalker, haha. 
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Thank you so much for taking the time out to favorite my works. It means such a great deal to me that you enjoy my art, and I hope you can consider watching :hug:

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Thank you for the fave! :hug:
KaizenKitty Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014  Student Writer
Sorry to disappoint -- I'm not looking for "ammunition". Just curious what kind of person you are...

Your art looks rather good, anyway. I like the way you color -- very professional.
kivabay Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014  Hobbyist
I don't know why you'd have to look at my page to find out what kind of person I am, but you can check THAT much and you can't be bothered to do any actual research before running your mouth on the subject of mental illness and violence? That's hilarious.
KaizenKitty Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Student Writer
again you assume you're the only person who does his research. :meow: I find this fact interesting.
kivabay Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Hobbyist
Actually, I don't have to assume, because I've done the research and it's pretty much the opposite of your guess. =)
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